Going Commando on a Dare

It was a simple college dare: go commando for the day and let any guy who noticed use her body for his pleasure.

She thought no one would notice, but class after class, she’ll have no choice but to spread her legs for anyone and everyone to indulge in her free-use offer!

“Do you know where I can find books on human sexuality?” I swayed my hips from side to side. “I hear you can learn a lot in a library.”
“I... uh...” he said, staring at my miniskirt.
I bit my lower lip, then flipped up the front of my skirt. He sucked in a breath and adjusted his glasses, his gazed fixed squarely between my legs.
“You wanna fuck?” 

This story is from the female point-of-view and contains highly explicit sex. For adults only!

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