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Shared at the BDSM Club

I lived to serve and give pleasure as Mistress commands, to obey her absolutely, to be punished when I displeased […]

I Was a BDSM Demo Model

When I scored a summer job at an adult toy shop, I couldn’t have been more excited. But I soon […]

My Bondage Birthday Bash

It was my 21st birthday party, and the only thing I could wear was my birthday suit… And the bondage […]

May the Best Man Win

When Jared’s best man challenges him to a contest of sexual prowess on his wedding night, he’s shocked to find […]

Adventures in Watersporting

Scott is shocked when his girlfriend tells him that her best friend has an unfulfilled watersport kink. He’s even more […]

Going Commando on a Dare

It was a simple college dare: go commando for the day and let any guy who noticed use her body […]

Hardcore Gym Slut

She runs a hardcore fitness class with a foolproof technique to get her clients pumping iron… And pumping a whole […]

Public Cum-Slut Challenge

I’m taking the Public Cum-Slut Challenge, the hottest new trend on social media! The goal: get as much cum as […]

Knocked Up Orgy Cum Dump

Mandy has always enjoyed going to orgies with her friends, but when her best friend tells her about the most […]

The Knock-Up Pact

The pact was simple: if one of them gets pregnant, they would all have to get pregnant. They called it […]

Zoey’s Fourway Wedding

Not only are Zoey and Kaylee getting hitched on the same day, they’re marrying each other and each other’s husbands […]

Better Off Bred Series

No condoms. No birth control. And no pulling out… The Better Off Bred series contains explicit tales of women who […]

Pregnancy Swap Party

Becky and her husband, Todd, attend a fun night at a private swingers’ party with seven other couples. But this […]

Our Live-In Surrogate

Gavin’s wife, Mandy, has been diagnosed infertile. Surrogacy is their only option to have kids, but hiring a surrogate is […]

Helping Kadence Conceive

Roman never imagined his wife would ask him to impregnate another woman. But her best friend, Kadence, has been trying […]

She’s My Wingman

Tate and Brandi have been best friends for as long as they can remember. Now graduated from college, they share […]

Vacation Wives

Scott and Kensey already have two kids, as do their close friends, Jamie and Alex. But the two wives are […]

What My Best Friend Taught Me

Mike never had much luck with girls, soft-spoken nerd that he is. Fortunately, his best friend, Skye, is determined to […]

Hearing Them Last Night

Nikki’s staying with her good friend, Sarah, while hunting for a new job. What she didn’t count on was hearing […]

Helping My Hot Bi Guys

Amy is helping her good friends, Spence and Trent, move into their new apartment. It’s hard work, and sweltering hot—but […]

Capturing Conception

Chris never imagined he would be filming his friends’ efforts to make a baby, and he certainly didn’t expect to […]

Tressa’s Blowjob Contest

Cassie and her best friend Tressa find themselves in a heated spat about their husbands’ staying power… And which of […]

Poolside Seduction Cover

Poolside Seduction

When Emily invites Kelly to hang out at her new pool, she hopes to cure her friend’s recent relationship blues. […]

Our Friends’ New Hot Tub

When Derek and Laura visit their friends to check out their new hot tub, they expect nothing more than a […]