A Midsummer Sundress Sexcapade

It’s sweltering hot at the midsummer music festival, but Cassie and her friends know how to keep cool: wear sundresses […]

Strip Poker Trophy Prize

It’s strip poker with a twist! Liz and her friends want to see just how hard their boyfriends will play […]

Shared at the BDSM Club

I lived to serve and give pleasure as Mistress commands, to obey her absolutely, to be punished when I displeased […]

I Was a BDSM Demo Model

When I scored a summer job at an adult toy shop, I couldn’t have been more excited. But I soon […]

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50% Sale on Smashwords Now

All my books are currently on sale for 50% off on Smashwords! The annual summer sale will last for the entire month of July, so if you enjoy threesomes, foursomes, orgies, group sex, breeding, and impregnation smut, you can get all you want for cheap! You can find […]

A Story for No Panties Day

Today, June 22nd, is International No Panties Day, when the ladies can let loose and doff those panties! Going commando has never been more fun! In a wild coincidence, since I didn’t actually know that June 22nd was No Panties Day until someone pointed it out to me, […]

Scribd Becomes Everand

Ebook/audiobook subscription service Scribd has split into Everand (for fiction) with Scribd now housing the documents, manuals, papers, etc. Basically, they made the split to make it easier for people to find what they want. This is important because if you are looking for my books on Scribd, […]

Horny Halloween!

I’ve been playing around with Stable Diffusion AI image generation, and managed to get it to spit out some Hentai-style Halloween hotties for your enjoyment!

On the Conjugation of Cum

“Would you like to come, sir, or would you like to cum?” Writers of erotica and erotic romance have a bit of a dilemma when it comes to coming… or cumming, if you prefer. And readers have their preferences, too. Some just want to come, and some want […]

How to Add an EPUB book to your eBook Library

Most ebooks today are purchased on Amazon and will magically show up in your Kindle library for your Kindle app or Kindle reader. No fuss, no muss. But what about ebooks that you didn’t buy on Amazon? How are you supposed to read an EPUB file if that’s […]

“Sorority Slut Hazing” Released

An eager sorority pledge risks getting hazed, humiliated, and even knocked up to join the most prestigious sorority on campus, in Sorority Slut Hazing: Pledged to Free Use, available now on Smashwords! Sigma Eta Xi’s pledge hazings were notorious—from public humiliation to mandatory blowjobs to full body inspections […]

“Tied Up and Used Like a Cheap $5 Whore” Released

Looking for some bondage and BDSM action? My latest story, Tied Up and Used Like a Cheap $5 Whore, is now available on Smashwords! It should be coming to other retailers soon. My most deviant fantasy was to be tied up and used like a cheap $5 whore. […]