About Me

Hi! I’m J.D. Masterly.

I write sizzling hot erotica about people who just want to fuck!

If that’s not your thing, no worries! But if that’s your jam, then please read on.

I know some authors are into very specific niches, and I suppose I am too—threesomes, foursomes, group sex, bondage, cuckolding, impregnation, and a few other kinks thrown in for fun. I also like messy sex. The messier the better. As I like to say, “If you don’t make a mess fucking, you probably did it wrong.”

To be blunt, I write smut with spunk! I want my stories to arouse and excite you; to thrill and seduce you; and perhaps inspire you and your partner(s) to explore a few things on your own!

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