“Pregnancy Swap Party” Released

I’ve just released my latest story, Pregnancy Swap Party, on Smashwords! It should be coming to other retailers soon.

Becky and her husband, Todd, attend a fun night at a private swingers’ party with seven other couples. But this isn’t any ordinary swingers’ party—it’s a pregnancy swap party!

The evening starts with a game of musical bed, to determine who pairs off with who. From there, the newly swapped couples must spend the entire weekend together—no condoms, no birth control, and no pulling out!

When Becky is paired up with Matt, she’s more excited than ever, knowing he’ll make a beautiful baby with her. And she can only hope her husband has just as much luck knocking up his own breeding partner.

It’s time to make some babies!

Buy it now on Smashwords!

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