College Co-Ed Camping Trip

“Jay finds himself leading a camping trip with four hot, young college co-eds. He has no idea what’s in store for him, from an embarrassing game of true or dare, to some wet-and-wild skinny dipping, to a sultry night with all of them together, enjoying one another in a single tent…”

If you have a Medium subscription, you can read College Co-Ed Camping Trip three-part story. If you don’t have a Medium subscription, and haven’t read any articles or stories on the site this month, you should be able to read all three parts for free (Medium allows 3 stories per month without a subscription). Or you can simply buy a subscription (I get a small commission).

“My lips met hers and her tongue flicked into my mouth.
I felt her breasts press against my shirt,
and my tongue swirled around hers, tasting her…”

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