“The Other Team’s Locker Girl” Released

Want some steamy college jock gangbang action? Look no further than The Other Team’s Locker Girl, now available on Smashwords! Emma and Jenny are best friends, but their college teams are blood rivals. All in good fun, they place bets on which team will win—the home team girl betting on […]

“She’s My Wingman” Released

I’ve just put my latest story, She’s My Wingman, up on Smashwords. If you’re interested, go check it out! Tate and Brandi have been best friends for as long as they can remember. Now graduated from college, they share an apartment together and hit the clubs every weekend to find […]

“Vacation Wives” Released

My latest erotica story, Vacation Wives, has just been released on Smashwords. It should be coming to other retailers soon. Scott and Kensey already have two kids, as do their closes friends, Jamie and Alex. But the two wives are determined to enjoy a kid-free getaway. After booking an intimate […]

“What My Best Friend Taught Me” Released

Looking for some sizzling friends-to-lovers erotica? Check out my new short, What My Best Friend Taught Me, now available on Smashwords! Mike never had much luck with girls, soft-spoken nerd that he is. Fortunately, his best friend, Skye, is determined to get him laid before the end of his final […]

“Stacie’s Impregnation Contest” Released

I’ve just released my newest story, Stacie’s Impregnation Contest, which you can find right now on Smashwords. Katie and her best friend Amber both want to have babies, but their husbands are less than enthused. Fortunately, their mutual friend, Stacie, has a flawless plan: a wife-swapping sex contest where the […]

“Hearing Them Last Night” Released

My latest story, Hearing Them Last Night, is available now on Smashwords! Nikki’s staying with her good friend, Sarah, while hunting for a new job. What she didn’t count on was hearing Sarah and her stud-muffin husband making love night after night! Aroused by their passionate cries, Nikki grows ever […]

“Helping My Hot Bi Guys” Released

My newest story, Helping My Hot Bi Guys, has just been released on Smashwords! Amy is helping her good friends, Spence and Trent, move into their new apartment. It’s hard work, and sweltering hot—but as a couple, Spence and Trent are hotter than Atlanta on its hottest summer day. They […]

“Capturing Conception” Released

I have just released another story, Capturing Conception, which you can find now on Smashwords. Chris’s best friend, Blake, has asked him to drop by with his camcorder. When Blake’s wife tells him they’ve decided to have a baby, Chris assumes he’ll be recording their announcement. To his utter shock […]

“Tressa’s Blowjob Contest” Released

My latest story, Tressa’s Blowjob Contest, is available now on Smashwords. It’s exactly what it says: a story about a blowjob contest! Cassie and her best friend Tressa find themselves in a heated spat about their husbands’ staying power… And which of them is better at getting them off! Neither […]

“Shared in the Girls’ Night In” Released

Want to read my latest story? Check out Shared in the Girls’ Night In, available now on Smashwords. Ian’s wife throws a girls’ night in party for a down-and-out friend suffering from a bad breakup. He plans to spend the evening locked in his office, knowing full well how outrageous […]