Zoey’s Fourway Wedding

Not only are Zoey and Kaylee getting hitched on the same day, they’re marrying each other and each other’s husbands as well—a fourway wedding in a polyamorous quad.

With all their swinger, poly, and lifestyle friends attending, they’re planning a wild and wanton wedding. After exchanging vows practically in the nude, the brides and grooms move to the reception tent where they consummate their fourway union in front of their guests.

As the erotic reception grows even hotter, there’s fun to be had for all, from the bridesmaids and groomsmen to the wedding guests themselves!

This story is from the female point-of-view and contains highly explicit sex. For adults only!

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Please note: This book is only available from Smashwords. Smashwords, the distributor, is adamant that the story contains acts of incest, which it does not (there are no sexual acts between related individuals). Regardless, Smashwords will not distribute the book to any other retails as a result of their erroneous belief on this matter.

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