Honeymoon Swingers

May the Best Man Win Part 2 – Honeymoon Swingers

Following their wild wedding night orgy, Ev and Jared are jet set for their honeymoon on the beautiful Caribbean island of Saint Martin. But the best man and maid of honor are joining them, determine to crank up the heat for the happy honeymoon couple.

Before the honeymoon is done, they’ll swap partners, hit the nude beach, and enjoy more sex games in their private villa, discovering all new friends to play with. May the best man win!

Part 1 – Wedding Challenge

Part 3 – Impregnation Vacation

May the Best Man Win Part 2 is told from both Jared’s and Ev’s point-of-view, alternating with each chapter. Part 3 shall be told entirely from Ev’s point-of-view.

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